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The people with ISTJ personality type are found in abundance making 13% of the global population.

These people have definitive attributes such as integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication toward their duties make them an integral part of their family, peer and at the workplace as well that endorses heritage, laws, and calibers, such as law offices, regulatory bodies, and military.

Those who have ISTJ personality types do not hesitate to take the responsibility of what they have done and they feel proud about what they are doing.

These people will hold back not a little part of their energies and in completion of every assigned project to them with patience and accuracy.

In this article, we will discuss ISTJ Anime Characters.

The people with ISTJ personality type are good at organizing things, highly motivated to create an environment of discipline and order in the institutions.

These people are disciplined and near from inside as well as from outside.

They follow the structure to do everything thing. These people cam be reliant and honest with their duty.

These people carry the traditions and obey the rules. In this article, you will read about ISTJ Anime Characters.

There are also other anime characters with different personality traits such as the ISTP anime characters, the ISFJ anime characters and the INTJ anime characters.

The people with ISTJ personality type are firm and have productive contributions to any project.

Though these people tend to be introverted, these people are not too often isolated.

Generally, these people are aware of the fact that where they are standing in their lives and wish to comprehend how they can play their part in establishing themselves in systems or organizations.

These people are always concerned about how to maintain social order and striving to make sure the standards are met.

Strengths of ISTJs

Honest and Direct

Honesty is very close to the heart of ISTJs.

These people do not like to be involved in emotionally manipulating others, playing mind games, and reassuring lies.

These people always come with a plan and complete honesty whenever the situation requires them to do something.

Strong-willed and Dutiful

The integrity of these people can also be seen in their work. They will work harder and focused on whatever they are doing.

These people are full of patience and determination and this is what makes them achieve their obligations, period.

Very Responsible

These people are good at making and fulfilling their promises because their words are like a promise.

These people will put themselves in trouble to achieve the task that has been assigned to them and will sacrifice their sleep and rest rather than getting failed to deliver the results they had promised.

Being loyal is what makes ISTJs personality more strong.

They will live up to their promises and will fulfill their duties to the people and organizations they have made commitments with.

Calm and Practical

They won’t be able to fulfill their promises they had made if they will lose their temperament and get shattered by the difficult situations but they try to be calm and stay humble while making clear and rational decisions.

The preference of people is an element to take into consideration during this process and ISTJs try hard to best utilize the individual attributes but these decisions are purely based on the careful consideration that hoe much effective they can be more than empathy.

This same thing implies to criticisms, for themselves and others.

Weaknesses of ISTJs


As these people find to easy to go with the flow they usually will avoid it as a whole and will go in a different direction with sensitivity and a little apology.

If a person is willing to bring changes in their way of life, ideas, or habit by criticizing them, these people can be blunt when irritated.

They will resist every concept and idea which is not supported by them.


The ISTJs are logical people even in situations where they greet other people halfway being empathetic and emotionally sensitive.

It does not always seem to go right if anything is even said at all.

They can consider emotional factors while making a decision but after determining the most effective way of solving a problem.


Facts are facts and opinions are opinions and the people with ISTJ personality type like to be disrespectful to the people who do not agree with them, facts, and particularly those who remain willfully ignorant of them.

Always by the Book

The people with ISTJ personality type are of the view that things can only work when the rules are clearly defined.

This makes them stubborn to show flexibility toward the rules or try new things even when the downside is minimal.

The environment without any proper structure can leave the ISTJs being paralyzed and unable to do anything.

ISTJ Anime Characters

Let yourself familiar with ISTJ anime characters.

Those who have ISTJ personality types do not hesitate to take the responsibility of what they have done and they feel proud about what they are doing.

These people will hold back not a little part of their energies and in completion of every assigned project to them with patience and accuracy. Here are some ISTJ anime characters:

ISTJ Anime Characters: Kurogane – Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles

Kurogane from the Reservoir Chronicles is an ISTJ anime character clearly.

Kurogane takes actions based on his past experiences and memories because one knows from the series that he went through a lot when he lost his entire family and also became homeless.

Kurogane appears to be truthful and will not step back from his words and promises he made with anybody.

He is aware of his duties and responsibilities and tries to fulfill them and does not like to back off and also he does not like those people who get tired easily and give up on their responsibilities despite having the required willpower and energies to be fighting.

Fay calls him Blacky because he is so much obsessed with black color and chooses black to wear in any case.

He is loyal and truthful and that’s why he is being liked widely. These characteristics clearly define him as an ISTJ anime character.

ISTJ Anime Characters: Miles Edgeworth – Ace Attorney

Edgeworth is widely believed as an ISTJ anime character by most of the people.

Due to his past experiences, Edgeworth turned out to be a prosecutor.

He has a desire to be good day by day that is why tends to work so hard. He will plan his activities for the entire day and will also talk about his past experiences sometimes.

Generally, he appears to be a nice guy but when it comes to working he becomes a little bit harsh.

He is so much sensitive and shy, thus in person, people can easily observe his Fi functioning into the play.

Edgeworth, generally, seeks for loyalty, and he can get offended really fast when a person will disappoint him.

Apparently, he tends to look a really kind guy with friendly nature and loveable.

These characteristics clearly define him as an ISTJ anime character.

ISTJ Anime Characters: Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

One of the famous ISTJ anime characters is Mikasa Ackerman, You may have not watched Ackerman but you may have listened about her from your friends of the family talking about her.

Ackerman can be a real example of being an ISTJ anime character because this personality type suits her very well.

Ackerman appears as a responsible person and she will not hesitate to do what other people may tell her do.

Though, she will not do this due to the reason that she wants to do it. She will do it as she thinks that she is obliges to do it.

As she has a sense of responsibility towards her brother named Eren and she craves to make her brother smile and happy.

She like her brother and tend to be emotionally focused on him which is big Fi-vibe perhaps she is friendly with Armin as well.

Armin and Ackerman are close friends of childhood. She tends to show inner warmness but for the people who are very special to her.

These characteristics clearly define her as an ISTJ anime character.

ISTJ Anime Characters: Teru Mikami – Death Note

Mikami is another guy who makes it into the list of ISTJ anime characters. Her of writing in Death Note just annoys a person.

In general he appears to be a nicen person at first. Mikami tends to be caring about other people but his not good at his Fi functioning.

His thinking patterns are mostly black and white. But he is truthful towards his “God” Kira at least.

He will do everything Kira wants to do him. Due to his Te functioning, he will plan, organize, and fulfill every responsibility given to him.

Mikami tends to do these things because he has a desire to bring change in the world due to bad past experiences and justice.

These characteristics clearly define him as an ISTJ anime character.

ISTJ Anime Characters: Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto

Uchiha is an ISTJ anime character.

Sasuke is apparently a person who has a desire to accomplish the goals he has set: the murder of his brother.

He repeated his intentions again and again in the series. He will go to any extent to kill his brother and for that purpose, he goes for exercise on a daily basis.

He is focused about his elder brother due to his mental blockages or it may be due to the blend of his Si, Fi, and Te functioning.

This is also the reason he is being hated by most people. He is an annoying character throughout the whole series.

These characteristics clearly define him as an ISTJ anime character.

ISTJ Anime Characters Haikyuu!!

Kei Tsukishima is the only ISTJ anime character on Haikyuu!!, and he is an ISTJ because of his serious and quiet traits that are often seen in ISTJ individuals fiction, anime and also in real life.

Tsukishima is one of the quietest characters in Karasuno which sometimes also makes him super annoyed at the louder members of the team.

Like a true ISTJ anime character, this Haikyuu character does not like to talk things out, but rather he is shown thinking things over and over again in his head to fix any emotional or physical problem he is having.

ISTJ individuals also tend to be very pragmatic and reality oriented, and in a similar vein,Tsukishima is also extremely practical, and sometimes he can be downright pessimistic.

The most ISTJ trait about this anime character in Haikyuu!! Is that he is super reliable in-game, and never wants to let his team down but he can also be pretty lazy, which he breaks out of if he needs to for Karasuno’s sake of winning.

ISTJ Anime Characters BNHA

The most well known ISTJ anime character in BNHA is Sir Nighteye, and his ISTJ traits are evident in how serious and thoughtful he is, and how much devotion he shows to his duty.

Sir Nighteye is sometimes the exact type of typical salaryman that he paints himself as to others and he shows typical ISTJ anime character traits like being independent, strong, pensive and willing to take charge when he needs to.

Like many ISTJ personalities in real life as well as fiction, he started out as backup, but afterwards he was All Might’s man in the chair, and when they had their falling out, Sir Nighteye wasn’t afraid to step up to the plate and create one of the most accomplished hero agencies in all of Japan.

While he may have had the outward appearance of a very serious businessman and hero, Sir Nighteye took All Might’s lesson of spreading smiles, even in dire times, more seriously, which may also speak to many ISTJ individuals.

ISTJ Anime Characters Kakegurui

Below is a list of ISTJ anime characters in Kakegurui:

  • Sayaka Igarashi
  • Nishinotouin Yuriko
  • Miri Yobami
  • Naoe Habakiri
  • Sakura Miharutaki

Out of these, Sayaka is a great example of an ISTJ anime character from Kakegurui, and she is a very intelligent and serious girl, who deeply cares about the school and Student Council.

The most ISTJ-like trait about this anime character from Kakegurui is that she tends to be endlessly loyal to the Student Council President where she stated that Kirari is her one true love and she would do anything for her.

Kirari says at some point how driven by logic Sayaka is, and this is another trait that may place her firmly in the ISTJ anime character category.

Like many ISTJs who are attracted to Extroverted personalities, her and Kirari’s wildly different personalities seem to be what attracts them to each other, which is evident in how Sayaka actually despises gambling, but was still fascinated by Kirari.

She also tends to be quite reserved and calm, but she can break through that demanor sometimes too when need be, and she deals with situations the way they need to be dealt with, which is something many ISTJs might be seen doing.

ISTJ Anime Characters Aot

The ISTJ anime characters on AOT are as follows:

  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Rico Brzenska
  • Marlowe Freudenberg
  • Keith Shadis
  • Alma
  • Kitz Woermann
  • Djel Sannes
  • Mitabi Jarnach
  • Nifa
  • Pastor Nick
  • Roy
  • Griez
  • Bandit leader
  • Anka Rheinberger
  • Surma
  • Abel
  • Peer
  • Lady ( Younger sister of Willy )

The ISTJ anime character on AOT, Mikasa, was originally a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child whose innocence allowed her to push anxious thoughts to the back of her mind, continuing to live with her parents and loved ones happily.

As a grown up, Mikasa has become emotionally withdrawn and noticeably dangerous, sometimes intimidating her enemies or even her comrades and she is stoic and level headed, rarely seen to lose her cool or be at a loss of what to do, no matter how bleak the situation seems to be, which is a very accurate description of just about any ISTJ anime character or even a real life ISTJ personality.

She has a very strong will which is demonstrated when she managed to remain so outwardly calm when Eren was presumed dead; only Armin could tell that she was battling with the pain of losing him.

Mikasa also cares deeply for her friends and caretakers, seeing them as the last remnants of a family she cannot afford to lose, and this sense of loyalty she feels towards her companions is what makes her a great ISTJ anime character from the show AOT, or Attack on Titans.

ISTJ anime characters MHA

Some of the best ISTJ anime characters on MHA are as follow:

  • Fumiikage Tokoyami (Tsukuyomi)
  • Gigantomachia
  • Hekiji Tengai
  • Hiryu Rin (Dragon Shroud)
  • Ibara Shiozaki (Vine)
  • Kashiko Sekigai (Sensor Girl)
  • Kotaro Shimura
  • Kurogiri
  • Mummy (Hoyo Makihara)
  • Mustard
  • Shihai Kuroiro (Vantablack)
  • Shin Nemoto
  • Sir Nighteye (Mirai Sasaki)
  • Vlad King (Sekijiro Kan)
  • X-Less
  • Yui Kodai (Rule)

One of the best known ISTJ anime characters on MHA is Fumikage Tokoyami, who shows typical ISTJ traits like being reserved, serious, and focused, and also noble and valiant.

Like any true ISTJ individual, he does not talk very much, and often directly ignores questions or requests that seem in some way pointless, like when Tenya asks him to not sit on the desk, and when he does this he goes on talking to other people as some sort of ongoing joke.

Many ISTJ personalities come alive when dealing with other people, and similarly, Fumikage becomes more sociable, helping his teammates out, reassuring his trust in them, and thanking them for their effort when he is engaged in team activities.

Perhaps the biggest proof of Fumikage being an ISTJ anime character is that when in combat, Fumikage is known to be fierce and dependable, with his strength and capabilities rarely being questioned.

This ISTJ anime character from MHA is also fond of darkness and other related concepts, and he considers himself a “creature of the dark”, employing archaic-sounding speeches that end up painting him as slightly creepy or dramatic.

Other ISTJ anime character traits that he shows are that he greatly cares for his friends and mentors, and should harm come their way, Fumikage often feels enraged or indignant, which can lead to disastrous consequences due to his Quirk being sensitive to his emotions.

ISTJ Anime Characters HxH

Given below is a full list of ISTJ anime characters on HxH, that is, Hunter x Hunter:

  • Amane
  • Basho
  • Bendot
  • Bodoro
  • Cheadle Yorkshire
  • Colt
  • Conjurer (Nen)
  • Franklin
  • Geretta
  • Gotoh
  • Illumi Zoldyck
  • Kite
  • Light Nostrade
  • Mizaistom Nana
  • Nicole
  • Pakunoda
  • Peggy
  • Ponzu
  • Shoot McMahon

Out of all these characters, a very significant ISTJ anime character is Amane, whose biggest ISTJ trait is how loyal to Silva she is and how she does not hesitate to execute his orders.

Like a true ISTJ anime professional, impassible demeanor is occasionally interspersed with moments of haughtiness. Nonetheless, Canary succeeded in making her snap and behave frantically, noting that she was cuter when she loosened up, her sincerity leaving Amane baffled and embarrassed, which are also traits one might see in an ISTJ anime character.

Another ISTJ anime character on HxH is Basho and unlike most other ISTJ personalities, he has a somewhat casual attitude and is rather outgoing and talkative and he often shows some sense of humor as well, which is seen in the way he laughs off Kurapika’s brutal request to never speak to him again.

He is also confident in himself, and he can understand when he has no way of winning a confrontation, and also believes that life should be lived to the fullest; however, he does not criticize Kurapika’s willingness to forfeit his life for his cause, even if he does not agree with it.

ISTJ Anime Test

While there is no ISTP anime test, one may go ahead and take the MBTI 16 personalities test to find out which personality type they have, and then they can check out websites like personality database to figure out which anime characters fit that personality type.

This is not a link to an ISTP anime test as such, but it tells you which anime you would like based on your personality type, and you can try it out if you are looking to start watching anime.

ISTJ Anime Characters Naruto

Here are some of the classic ISTJ anime characters from Naruto:

  • Aoda
  • Blue B
  • Chiriku
  • Danzō Shimura
  • Fugaku Uchiha
  • Gantetsu
  • Hanzō
  • Hiashi Hyūga
  • Hikaru Tsuki
  • Himushi
  • Hōichi
  • Isobu
  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
  • Kakuzu
  • Mecha-Naruto
  • Menma Uzumaki
  • Mifune
  • Neji Hyuga
  • Rasa
  • Shino Aburame
  • Shino Aburame (Road to Ninja)
  • Temujin
  • Tobirama Senju
  • Yomi

Neji Hyuga is the most popular ISTJ anime character on Naruto, as well as pretty much throughout all discussions about ISTJ anime characters, and this is because he has very classic ISTJ traits like being introverted, serious, and very much in touch with his strong ideals and beliefs.

Negi was shown to have been quite pleasant and cheerful as a child, but the weight of responsibility after his father’s death turned Neji into a serious, practical person that rarely smiles and mostly focuses on getting his duties done.

For ages, he had fatalistic sort of beliefs about life and death and he believed solely in the black and white, with no place for any in-between, which are classic traits of an ISTJ anime character and may be seen in many other ISTJ anime characters as well.

He is also of the belief that straying from the paths that have been set out for someone is a weakness and will result in failure, which shows the ISTJ trait for high discipline and rigidity.

He eventually changes into a more mellow person through his interaction with other individuals and due to these traits he makes a good example of an ISTJ anime character from Naruto.

ISTJ Anime Villains

Here are some of the best ISTJ anime villains that personify this personality type are:

  • Lucy: Elfen Lied
  • Teru: Death Note
  • Yoshikage: JoJo
  • Illumi: HxH

Possibly the best ISTJ anime villain out of this list is Teru Mikami, who is a devout Kira-worshiper and this is evident in his answer to the Kira’s Kingdom question that asked what he thought of Kira, was simply “God.”

His loyalty to Kira is possibly what makes him stand out as an ISTJ anime character most of all, because ISTJ personalities tend to be very loyal and fiercely protective of their ideals and belief about what they are devoted to.

This ISTJ anime character’s loyalty is exemplified when he forces himself to stop questioning Kira after he is perplexed by the task of creating and using a fake notebook.

Another ISTJ characteristic he shows frequently is his disdain of “lazy people”, and he also shares the same view on crime as Kira, which is what made Light choose him to carry out judgments when he was put under surveillance.

Any ISTJ anime villain would have a strong sense of justice, depending on how they define justice, that is, that has developed over the course of their childhood or their life, and this is no less true of Mikami, who truly believes in the things he thinks he is sure of.

Mikami also detests crime and expresses a fervent passion for punishing evil and like many ISTJ personalities, he has a very “black and white” understanding of people and does not allow for any gray areas whatsoever.

He thinks of everything as simply good or evil and he is obstinate about encouraging people to improve society, resulting in his disdain for “lazy people”, and this is evident in Kiyomi Takada’s televised messages in which Mikami has her announce that those who do not contribute to society will be killed by Kira.

Another formidable ISTJ anime villain is Aede/Lucy, from Elfen Lied, and this character makes for a great villain due to features like being quiet, withdrawn, and guarded about her emotions carefully in response to the bullying from her classmates.

ISTJ Anime Characters PDB

Personality database, or PDB is a great website for understanding personality types through fictional and anime characters, and some of the most amazing ISTJ anime characters on PDB are given below:

  • Mikasa Ackerman: Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Tobio Kageyama: Haikyuu!!
  • Giyuu Tomioka: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Rei Ayanami: Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Yoshikage Kira: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Bruno Bucciarati: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Violet Evergarden: Violet Evergarden
  • Mai Sakurajima: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (Aobuta)
  • Teru Mikami :Death Note
  • Fumikage Tokoyami (Tsukuyomi): Boku no Hero Academia
  • Soichiro Yagami:Death Note
  • Genos: One Punch Man
  • Neji Hyuga: Naruto Shippūden
  • Arima Kousei: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  • Riza Hawkeye: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Illumi Zoldyck:Hunter X Hunter
  • Sasori: Naruto Shippūden
  • Artoria Pendragon: Fate/Zero
  • Miko Iino: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
  • Ritsuko Akagi: Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Leone Abbacchio: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Nanamine Sakura: Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
  • Megumi Fushiguro: Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Sayaka Igarashi: Kakegurui
  • Kite: Hunter X Hunter
  • Scar: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Kanao Tsuyuri: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Obanai Iguro: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Nobuchika Ginoza: Psycho-Pass
  • Sir Nighteye (Mirai Sasaki): Boku no Hero Academia
  • Jet Black: Cowboy Bebop
  • Diana Cavendish: Little Witch Academia
  • Umi Sonoda: Love Live! School Idol Project
  • Germany: Hetalia: Axis Powers
  • Ushijima Wakatoshi: Haikyuu!!
  • Shimizu Kiyoko: Haikyuu!!
  • Tobirama Senju: Naruto Shippūden
  • Kyouka Izumi:Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Akame: Akame ga Kill!

There are many other ISTJ anime characters on PDB, so you can also check out those at leisure, and also check the comments people leave about them on the forum.

ISTJ Anime Characters Danganronpa

There is only one ISTJ anime character on Danganronpa, which is Mukuro Ikusaba, and she has classic ISTJ traits like dependability and loyalty, and a strong love for rules and ideals.

ISTJs are always considered to be people who make great Soldiers, and Mukuro is pretty much the ultimate soldier.

She is ruthless and can kill and harm others with no remorse and she often seems completely indifferent towards other people unless it’s her sister Junko or her crush Makoto but this is not because there is sadistic pleasure in hurting or killing people for her, it is simply her duty and she does it well, which is a very big trait of ISTJ individuals.

Another feature of her personality that makes her such a great ISTJ anime character is that Mukuro is very out-of-touch with her own emotions and often it can be seen that she has a rather notable lack of social skills, which leads to her acting emotionless and indifferent towards most people.

ISTJ individuals often get accused of having cold, serious expressions, and this ISTJ anime character from Danganronpa also has the same tendency, and on top of that she also has a reserved personality.

She also admits her shortcomings, and says that she lacks skill in negotiating with others and planning tactics in advance, despite her renown as an excellent soldier, which is the sort of self-awareness and honesty one might expect to see in an ISTJ anime character.

She is also fearless as a soldier, but afraid of certain emotional situations, and she displays unhealthy ISTJ traits in how she takes orders from Junko and obeys her even if she doesn’t agree with her.

FAQs about ISTJ Anime Characters

Q1. What is the ISTJ personality type?

The people with ISTJ personality type are good at organizing things, highly motivated to create an environment of discipline and order in the institutions.

Q2. What are the strengths of the ISTJ personality type?

Calm and Practical

Very Responsible

Strong-willed and Dutiful

Honest and Direct

Q3. What are the weaknesses of the ISTJ personality type?




Q4. How common is Istj’s personality?

TheISTJis thought to be the mostcommonof the Myers-Briggspersonalitytypes, making up about 13 percent of the population.

Q5. Are ISTJs mean?

ISTJstands for Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging, and represents an individual’s preferences in four dimensions characterizing personality type, according to Jung’s and Briggs Myers’ theories of personality type.

Q6. What are the few famous ISTJ anime characters?

Following are the few famous anime ISTJ characters:

Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto

Teru Mikami – Death Note

Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Miles Edgeworth – Ace Attorney

Kurogane – Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles

Akame (Akame ga Kill)

Azusa (K-on!)

Balsa (Seirei no Moribito)

Death The Kid (Soul Eater)

References” ISTJ Personality” “ISTJ The inspector”” Logistician personality ISTJ-A/ISTJ-T”


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